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Having been acquainted with IQ Option binary options trading platform, the next big question to pop up on your mind would be if there is a bonus to go with depositing to the account and, if there is any, if it is worth it. This article could be where you find the answer to those questions. An important piece of information you should know about bonuses of any forms and the one thing that may settle any questions related to this matter is that IQ Option no longer support providing bonuses for members. Again, this statement applies to any cases: bonuses of any forms. Why? The short answer to that would be because IQ Option thinks that bonuses, including deposit bonus, are detrimental in nature. Data shows that further financial loss continues to befall some traders, stemming from the attempts made to meet the requirement of trading volume. Then, the decision to end providing bonuses comes naturally as IQ Option views the cut as a logical way of preventing losses. Any financial services provided by any sources bear a risk that could be considered of high level. This means that you could lose all of the funds you have invested previously. As such, it is advised that you should not invest the amount of money you can never lose.

What’s Interesting about IQ Option Deposit Bonus?

The term “deposit bonus” refers to a feature commonly found in binary options trading. Upon depositing funds into an account, a broker will add to that amount of money additional percentage of the total deposit. And this is given for free. The final balance amount your account has could be twice as big as the initial deposit. This is an offer you can never find in regular banks, even the biggest one. The bonus is an advantageous feature. However, the bonus is divided into two types, with one of them being the most rewarding.

  1. Bonuses paid along with each deposit made in life
  2. Bonuses paid only on the first deposit.

The first type of deposit bonus is the most rewarding, for obvious reasons. Better solutions would be presented with this bonus type. Yet, rewarding as this first potion may be, it also the rarest. It is so overwhelmingly rare it borders on nonexistent. A lot of brokers available out there do indeed offer most lucrative, most promising bonus ever. But they only add the bonus when you deposited your funds to your account for the first time.

The amount of the deposit bonus may be big; it could be incredibly big that you choose to go with it anyway. But problem could rise from this exact method. As someone who are still testing the water and still at the stage of sorting out which broker to choose from, the amount of deposit you are willing to give up might be minimum, to reduce risk of loss. The effect of this decision is dramatic. The promised high bonus will never come to realization if the amount of deposit you make is around $200. Your next deposit would be $2,500 and that amount will be added to your account minus the bonus.

This is where the first type of deposit bonus excels above the other. Throughout your career as a trader, there would be times when you need to deposit money to your account. Huge difference could come from a bonus of 50 percent added to each deposit you make. The profit you make would be lucrative. Sadly, as previously stated, today, there are less and less brokers out there that offer this advantage. IQ Option, meanwhile, decides against giving bonuses of any forms to members. To earn either type of bonuses, a trader needs to meet trading volume requirement. The attempts made to meet this requirement oftentimes lead to the traders losing more money. To prevent this from happening further, IQ Option opts to do away without providing bonuses at all. Keep in mind that your capital could be at risk and that this article is not at all an advice on investment. The company offers you financial products that are of high level of risk, which would result in you losing your money. Never invest the fund you can never lose.

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